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Ink Stain Bank Notes declared most effective cash protection system.

EURICPA members have continued to review the range of intelligent banknote neutralisation cash protection solutions that are available on the market. So that we can all remain ahead of the criminals.

In a statement, EURICPA supports the continued use of liquid dye / ink stain IBNS solutions as the most effective cash protection system. a2m, r2m and ibox are tried, tested and trusted products in the Secure Innovation product range which all utilise ink stain technology.

Glue: A Promising Yet Immature Technology

“It is clear that while a few glue based solutions have been installed in some local
markets, the ink based systems continue to remain the preferred solution by far.
The universal concerns with glue remain outstanding, such as speed to activate,
health and safety related issues, the short useful life of the glue when compared to
ink and how to recover the value of the banknotes that are ‘glued into a block’.
With this in mind EURICPA continues to support liquid dye as the most effective
cash protection system that can be implemented today.”

Ink Stain Bank Notes Most Effective

Why Choose Ink Stain Bank Note Technology?

Simply put, ink staining bank notes is the most reliable, predictable, effective and safest way to protect cash. We have always chosen to use ink staining technology in our intelligent protection products. In comparison to glue, ink has a much longer lifespan. All our products have at least 5 years of use with minimal maintenance required. As opposed to products with glue, who’s lifespan is significantly shorter. Therefore, ink stain offers much better value for money over time, especially as the operational costs of glue based systems are very high.

Regulation is important. Ink staining is regulated and goes through rigorous testing, including homologation in many countries. There is no equivalent for glue. Hence, if it’s not regulated, it cannot be guaranteed to be reliable or safe.

Ink is also immediate, but glue is slow to activate. Our products have an automatic response to threats. They detect an attack and the permanent ink stain for intelligent degradation of bank notes is instantly released (with optional CrimeTag® forensic tracing). Therefore the ink stain bank notes are rendered worthless, and the CrimeTag® forensic technology provides an evidence chain to convict the criminals.

ATM Attack Protection

In our video you can clearly see the high volume of ink used in Secure Innovation products. The quantity of ink and quality of distribution guarantees the cash will be rendered value-less. We have over 40 years experience using ink stain. And we’ve always worked closely with banks and authorities to make sure our ink staining is second-to-none. Not only that, our ATM cassettes, a2m, have a ‘note stop function’. This means if an attack is attempted and ink released, the ATM will no longer dispense notes. Therefore we remove any risk of bank customers receiving ink stained bank notes.

EURICPA – is the European Intelligent Cash Protection Association. They represent the leading European manufacturers of intelligent solutions for secure cash transportation and storage, and its associate partners from the cash protection industry.

Our Business Development Director, David Milner, is the Chair of Euricpa.

“I am delighted to be chosen to promote the cash and valuables security industry on a European platform at a time when making cash more secure using ink protection has never been more appropriate.”