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We Are Secure Innovation

What we do, and where we are going, it’s in our name.

Secure | adjective, se·cur·er, se·cur·est. | [ si-kyoor ]

→ free from or not exposed to danger or harm; safe.
→ dependable; firm; not liable to fail, yield, become displaced

safe | protected | defended | guarded | out of harm’s way

Innovation | noun, [ in-uh-vey-shuhn ]

→ something new or different introduced:
→ the act of innovating; introduction of new things or methods.

modernisation | leading edge | cutting edge | forefront | vanguard

Global Leaders

We are the global market leader of intelligent protection products and tracking for cash and valuable assets. For over 40 years we have researched, designed and developed innovative solutions with cutting edge technology to protect people, and safely secure cash and high value assets. As our business advances, our technology reaches new markets and our core beliefs get strengthened.

Meet Our Team

Our talented team are revolutionising intelligent protection products for a safe and secure future. We are a team of over 130 based around the globe. Our team work hard to bring you the newest technology and finest service.

Meet Our Team Tony About Secure Innovation

Tony Westington

Managing Director

Meet Our Team Martin P About Secure Innovation

Martin Pascoe

Business Support Director

Meet Our Team Nick About Secure Innovation

Nick Tripp

Research & Design Director

Research & Development

Innovation has always been the driving force behind our product development and route to market. Our extensive history of research programmes with leading Universities has evolved the understanding of revolutionary materials, and technological insights that have filtered down into our products. Products that are used every day around the world.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships


In partnership with the European Space Agency, our future development is right on track. Working in response to customer needs, we are developing a universal intelligent satellite tracking solution that can monitor and protect assets and valuable resources through active control. Our revolutionary cloud services go above and beyond what you have even dreamed possible. Secure Innovation doesn’t simply offer cloud services, we offer the customer full access and ultimate control of their assets from the top to the bottom of the process.

Our Partnership with the ESA

Our Service

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. We offer customer care and service support packages that are second-to-none, ensuring long and trusted relationships are enjoyed. We look forward to welcoming new customers to begin their journey with us, and grow together.  

Local Support

We’re proud to support the Theatre Royal Plymouth as a corporate sponsor, and have done for over 15 years. The TRP is an integral part of the local community, providing dozens of inspiring projects for all ages and walks of life. We believe it’s important to be involved with the community around us, and share these perks with our hard working team.

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