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Forensic Marking

Forensic Technology

Unique marker to protect, deter and convict

Our unique forensic marking identifier is a cost effective, invisible, non-hazardous substance which can be used with ATM protection systems, cash degradation devices, fogging systems or for security marking of valuable goods.

CRIMETAG® forensic watermarking solution makes it easy to detect stolen items, trace ownership and provide an evidence chain between a suspect and stolen goods. Forensic technology and marking solutions designed for your business.

CRIMETAG® can be added to our IBNS ink stain protection solutions used in a2m, r2m and ibox. It can also be dispensed as a fine mist, spraying the forensic marking over a large area, such as the inside of a cash-in-transit vehicle.  Each unit of CRIMETAG® has its own unique forensic code and therefore can be used to identify exactly where the original item was registered, and subsequently which crime it was related to.

CRIMETAG® is a non-toxic solution that can protect almost all valuable goods. Providing proof of ownership through a unique forensic marking.

Protect, deter, convict.

Forensic Technology Secure Innovation

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Protect, Deter, Convict
Unique forensic marking and tracing

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