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CIT Protection

CIT Protection

Intelligent cash in transit protection solutions

Reduce Cash In Transit operation costs, while increasing safety for your staff and customers at the same time. Our security systems have been reducing across-pavement attacks on CIT teams all over the world since the 1980’s.

Our products prevent fraud, theft and attacks. Utilising IBNS ink stain technology to render cash value-less; removing any reward. Add in our CrimeTag® forensic tracing solutions and criminals are brought to justice through a clear evidence chain.

Protecting CIT Operations.

CIT Protection Products Secure Innovation

Sector Products

ibox cash logo secure innovation intelligent products

ibox Cash

Intelligent Cash Protection
The world’s favourite intelligent
secure box

ibox rds logo secure innovation intelligent products


Intelligent Retail Cash
Closed, safe, secure

remote planet logo secure innovation intelligent products asset security

Remote Planet

Cash Connected
The first (and only) integrated
cash tracking solution

crimetag logo secure innovation


Protect, Deter, Convict
Unique forensic marking
and tracing

Our Other Sectors

Asset Control Online Monitor Track Protect Secure Innovation

Asset Control

Online monitoring, tracking and protection

Forensic Technology Secure Innovation


Unique marking to protect, deter and convict

ATM Defence

Complete ATM attack prevention systems

Retail Solutions

Closed cash systems to prevent fraud and attacks