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Reach Your World

Expand the functionality of your Remote Planet system by
implementing one or more of our product extensions.

Reach Your World

Remotely manage critical assets & protect resources.

Remote Planet offers real access without physical presence, allowing you to have control over your critical assets from anywhere in the world.  Utilising satellite technology, this asset-agnostic hardware and easy-to-navigate portal provide a single-software solution.

Bespoke Hardware

Hardware applications to optimise the functionality of Remote Planet.

Over time you can add more of your assets and infrastructure to Remote Planet, making everything easy to manage in one place with a familiar interface.

remote planet

Remote Cash


The covert tracker that recovers stolen cash.

This compact Remote Planet device can be discreetly placed in any cash drawer. In the event of a robbery, the slim tracker lies undetected among the stolen cash, providing continuous updates of its location for a swift recovery.

remote planet

Remote Cassette


Discreet ATM cassette and cash tracking.

This completely universal tracking solution is hidden within a stack of banknotes inside an ATM cassette. If the cassette is stolen, the inconspicuous device continuously updates its location to ensure the safe recovery of your cash and ATM cassette.

remote planet

Remote ATM


Reduce cash theft and increase cash machine protection.

Detect all kinds of ATM attacks and thefts remotely. Take control immediately through a single, easy to use portal which enables you to respond quickly to changes in risk, safeguarding cash and customers. Enhance your ATM security with Remote Planet.

remote planet

Remote Vehicle


Secure your vehicles with the connected vehicle management tool.

Ensure the safety of your vehicles and drivers at all times. Integrate this customisable solution to provide accurate location tracking and remote management to improve security, giving you peace of mind while they are on the move.

remote planet

Remote Securecrate


Monitor and control your shipment’s status anywhere in the world.

Encrypted communication ensures Remote Securecrate can only be opened by the right person in the right place. Stay informed and in control via the online portal. Real-time status and environmental data allow you to monitor and manage your shipment no matter where you are.

remote planet

Remote Trailer


Power up your protection, secure any asset, anywhere.

Our battery-powered, waterproof unit is universally compatible and reliable, giving you complete control over your assets. Continuously monitored via the online portal, Remote Trailer can be attached to any vehicle, trailer or shipment.

Powered By Remote Planet

Secure Innovation intelligent protection products use Remote Planet to improve security and visibility of your assets 24/7.

a2m active ATM security ATM protection Secure Innovation

Complete ATM Protection
The world’s only complete ATM protection system

core logo secure innovation intelligent products

Instant ATM Protection
The only portable, safe, fast ATM attack prevention system

r2m logo secure innovation intelligent products

Intelligent Retail Protection
The retail cash handling
security solution

ibox cassette logo secure innovation intelligent products

Intelligent ATM Cassette Protection
The safest way to transport ATM cassettes across the pavement

ibox cash logo secure innovation intelligent products

Intelligent Cash Protection
The world’s favourite
intelligent secure box

ibox rds logo secure innovation intelligent products

Intelligent Retail Cash Collection
Closed, safe,

ibox safepay logo secure innovation intelligent products

Closed Cash Cycle
Safepay end-to-end

remote planet secure innovation

Two-Way Communication

Remote communication and control, not just a location service.

Asset Control Global Satellite Coverage

Global Coverage

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technology provides ‘always on’ visibility.

remote planet cross asset tracking communication


Program different operating and security functions activated automatically by location.