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Active Control

The future of tracking and monitoring high-value assets.
Remote visibility and protection of your cash eco-system.

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Cash Connected

The first (and only) integrated cash tracking solution.

Remote Planet is a complete package to manage the security of multiple high value assets from a centralised hub, accessible on desktop or mobile with active control. Developed in partnership with the ESA. This efficient system allows you to reduce the amount of time managing your assets while giving you real-time visibility of their location and security status with remote communication.

Minimise losses from theft, damage, and equipment downtime, while protecting people at the same time.

The first (and only) joined-up tracking solution enabling fully integrated communication between cash security cases, cash-carrying vehicles, ATM’s and security company control centres.

Communicate between assets with active control.


Simple & Easy to Use


Remote Management


IOT Smart Technology


Global Coverage


Automatic Response


GEO Location

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Two-Way Communication

Remote active control, not just a location service. Assets are remotely monitored and controlled. The system can actively respond to a security alert.

Global Satellite Coverage Cashtrack

Global Coverage

Satellite navigation using GNSS (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) for accuracy within 5 metres for a global location fix. Low Earth Orbit technology provides true ‘always on’ global coverage.

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Cross-Talk Between Assets

Cross-talk between assets allows an entire family of devices to communicate with each other. Improving security and operational efficiency.

Active Control

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Remote Planet tracking with active control from Secure Innovation

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Intelligent products and solutions for protecting and tracking cash, high value assets and valuable resources.
Providing innovative technology and protection for the cash in transit, banking and retail sectors.

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