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ATM Security and Defence

ATM Security Solutions

Complete ATM security solutions and attack prevention for cash machine protection

Secure Innovation is the only place to provide a comprehensive range of ATM Security Solutions to provide cash machine protection across your ATM network. We believe preventing attacks is the most efficient way to keep cash moving.

Our products give you enhanced ATM security and active control to manage your network, reduce cash theft and increase cash machine protection.

Complete ATM security solutions

ATM Defence

Sector Products

a2m active ATM security ATM protection Secure Innovation

a2m active

Complete ATM Protection
The world’s only complete
ATM protection system

core logo secure innovation intelligent products


Instant ATM Protection
The only portable, safe, fast ATM
attack prevention system

a2m passive ATM Explosive Attack Protection

a2m passive

Passive ATM Protection
Protection against ATM gas and solid explosive attacks

ibox cassette logo secure innovation intelligent products

ibox cassette

Intelligent ATM Cassette Protection
The safest way to transport ATM
cassettes across the pavement

r2m logo secure innovation intelligent products


Intelligent Retail Protection
The retail cash handling
security solution

remote planet logo secure innovation intelligent products asset security

Remote Planet

Cash Connected
The first (and only) integrated cash tracking solution

crimetag logo secure innovation


Protect, Deter, Convict
Unique forensic marking
and tracing

Our Other Sectors

Asset Control Online Monitor Track Protect Secure Innovation

Asset Security

Online monitoring, tracking and protection

CIT Protection

Intelligent cash in transit protection solutions

Forensic Technology Secure Innovation


Unique marking to protect, deter and convict

Retail Solutions

Closed cash systems to prevent fraud and attacks