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Instant ATM Protection

Prevent ATM explosive gas attacks safely.
Installed in seconds with no training and no installation costs.

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Instant ATM Gas Attack Protection

The only portable, safe, fast ATM gas attack protection system.

Protected in the heart of your ATM, the core detects explosive gas attacks and automatically responds. Neutralising explosive gases with a non-toxic gas suppressant for ATM gas attack protection. Two-way internal radio alerts your security team and enables core to communicate with other Secure Innovation products for remote management and activations.

Core requires no training and is very low maintenance. Requiring only an annual calibration check, and servicing once every five years. With minimal upfront costs, the instant installation of Core makes it the most efficient system available. Your business can react to potential attacks without increasing costs.

Protecting people, cash and property.

core portable solution

Portable Solution

core gas suppression

Explosive Gas Suppression

core simple and easy to use

Simple & Easy to Use

core low maintenance

Low Maintenance

core gas detection

Explosive Gas Detection

core Safe Solution

Safe Solution

Core detects ATM gas attack

Toxic-Free Substances

Sensors detect a gas attack and immediately release the non-flammable, harmless suppressant to neutralise explosive gases and prevent an explosion.

Install Core in seconds with no training

Installed in Seconds

No training is needed, simply insert the core into an ATM cassette position. This can be at the same time as cash replenishment.

No permanent installation required Core ATM Gas Attack Protection

Semi-Permanent Installation

This flexible, cost-effective solution can be used in any location around your network of ATMs in response to potential risks and attack intelligence.

Instant ATM Protection

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Core from Secure Innovation ATM Gas Attack Protection

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