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Cash Transport Box for CIT Safety

Used by every CIT company in the world, the ibox cash transport box releases more ink, and stains more banknotes, than any other secure cash box.

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Intelligent Cash Protection

The world’s favourite smart cash in transit box.

The ibox cash prevents internal fraud, theft and attacks on security personnel for companies offering cash in transit solutions. Built-in sensors in the secure cash box detect an attack and automatically release the permanent ink stain and unique forensic tracing technology, CRIMETAG®, eliminating the reward.

Bespoke control allows you to easily enforce compliance and reduce risk by restricting access to contents depending on time, location and programmable keys. These controls give you the power to manage your cash in transit solutions and strategy in the safest, most efficient way to protect your team and valuables. Find out more.

The safest way to store or transport cash and valuable assets.

ibox cash box clever degradation IBNS ink stain secure innovation

Ink Degradation

Automatic Response

ibox cash box audible alarm secure innovation

Audible Alarm

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Status Updates

ibox cash impact detection secure innovation

Impact Detection

ibox cash value for money secure innovation

Value for Money

Across the pavement, end to end, residential storage, safe and secure

Optional Operating Processes

Choose between End-to-End, Across the Pavement Protection or Residential Storage, for the safest way to manage your processes

Ergonomic Design Handle Secure Innovation ibox Cash

Ergonomic Design

The ibox® cash is uniquely designed to be easy to carry with one hand, even when fully loaded. Improving the efficiency of every exchange.

Store multiple cash box iboxes to transport in non-amoured vehicles

Storage Rack

Smart storage racks hold multiple iboxes where cash and valuables can be transported securely, affordably and in non-armoured vehicles.

Secure Cash Box

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ibox Cash Secure Box for CIT Safety

ibox® Cash secure cash box from Secure Innovation

Intelligent Protection Products

Intelligent products and solutions for protecting and tracking cash, high value assets and valuable resources.
Providing innovative technology and protection for the cash in transit, banking and retail sectors.

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