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Drop Safe Cash Box

Dual purpose retail deposit-only secure cash box for multiple cash collections, or use as a drop safe cash box

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Intelligent Retail Cash Collection

Save time and money with the ibox rds for fast, multiple cash collections.

No need for guards to return to a vehicle after each collection from high street stores or shopping centres. Collected cash is always secured without the requirement of an armoured vehicle.

Protect your cash on site with this intelligent, drop safe cash box. Stow the ibox rds cash collection box in a secure ibox chute where the cash is locked with no staff access, acting as a secure retail deposit box.

The ibox rds detects any tampering and will sound an alarm and stain the banknotes with our indelible IBNS security ink. Use with CRIMETAG®, our unique forensic tracing technology to trace cash and provide an evidence chain. The cash-full ibox rds is simply collected by the CIT company and exchanged for an empty one.

Closed. Safe. Secure.


Ink Degradation


Automatic Response


Audible Alarm


Status Updates


Impact Detection

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Value for Money

Deposit only retail cash box secure innovation ibox rds

Deposit Only Cash Box

When the cash is deposited in the ibox® rds safely, there is no access for either guards or staff while on site or in transit.

Ergonomic Design Handle Secure Innovation ibox Cassette

Ergonomic Design

The ibox® rds is uniquely designed to be easy to carry with one hand, even when fully loaded. Improving the efficiency of every exchange.

ibox smart chute to store cash safely

ibox Chute

Smart storage chutes enable ibox® rds to be used as a drop safe. Deterring external attacks, shrinkage and internal fraud

Cash Collection Box

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Secure Innovation Ibox Rds Multiple Cash Collection Box and Drop Safe

ibox® rds cash collection box from Secure Innovation

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