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No Guns, No Armour in Latin America

ibox cash in Latin America

No Guns, No Armour

Our customer in Latin America wanted a safer way of collecting cash that did not draw attention to their activities.

They wanted to implement a secure, low profile cash in transit service. They chose the Secure Innovation ibox cash secure box as the best and safest solution available. Cementing the ibox cash in Latin America. This was based on extensive competitive research and solutions currently in place in Europe.

They operate a fleet of small vans, each with fitted with a Smart Storage Rack. These racks hold multiple iboxes which allows a single unarmed guard to make deliveries and collections of cash quickly. Without drawing unwanted attention.

The intelligent ibox cash and Smart Storage Rack was the perfect choice because it removes the need for guns or armoured trucks. The system works safely in a soft skin vehicle, such as their vans. The sensors detect an attack and automatically release our permanent ink stain (IBNS).

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ibox cash chile

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