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What is Crimetag® Forensic Marker?

Crimetag® is a unique security marking solution that is almost invisible to the naked eye. The liquid forensic marker can also be sprayed as a fine mist. Crimetag® is used to protect people, deter theives and aid convictions.

Liquid Security Marking

As a liquid, Crimetag® can be added to existing security solutions, such as IBNS (intelligent banknote nutralisation system) ink stain technology. Enabling a clear evidential trail between stolen goods and suspected criminals.

CIT & Banking Security Marking

security marking from Crimetag

Crimetag® has a proven history in the CIT (cash-in-transit) industry. Cash management and transportation has obvious high risks associated with it. Crimetag® is used inside thousands of our secure cash iboxes around the world. Inside the boxes there are tanks full of ink which will stain the contents in the event of an attack. Adding the security marking liquid creates an additional deterrent and an indisputable evidence chain. Even if the attackers do not get away with the cash, there is a high chance that their clothes, hair and skin will be covered in the ink. But more importantly by including the forensic marker, the unique ‘fingerprint’ of the Crimetag® solution, it will link them back to the robbery. It is also added to the ink used in our intelligent ATM cassettes, a2m, designed to protect cash from theft.

Fine Mist Spray Forensic Marker

Crimetag® can also be dispensed in a fine mist for comprehensive coverage over a large area. Spraying the security marking solution makes it a viable option in a wide variety of situations.

Vehicle Forensic Marker

When fitted to the internal security system of an armoured vehicle, and adapted soft-skin vans, Crimetag® can be released as a spray in response to an attack. When activated, our spray unit will dispense a fine mist of our unique forensic marker over everything in the load space of the van. Covering both the contents and the perpetrator in the unique security marking. It is virtually impossible for an intruder to escape unmarked. This non-toxic solution cannot be seen and is impossible to entirely wash off. It does not cause any damage to skin or goods but can provide crucial evidence to aid a conviction. The individual forensic code is detectable at trace level.

Retail Protection

The versatility of the spray unit means it can be used in a variety of locations, including high value retail stores, such as jewellery stores. The security marking spray system integrates with the shop’s existing alarm system and is activated in the event of break in. Again, covering the valuable goods and thieves in a forensic marker that can be traced back to the premises.

security marking jewellery store roberry theft protection

Anywhere Crimetag® is used can benefit from the deterrent of advertising its presence. As more criminals are aware of its unique way to link them to a crime. They are discouraged to attempt a burglary when they see Crimetag® is in use. This is simply done by including a small sticker acknowledging the presence of Crimetag® and the authorities awareness of its assistance supporting convictions.

security marking crimetag sticker

Crimetag® is a non-toxic solution that can protect almost all valuable goods. Providing proof of ownership through a unique ‘fingerprint’.

Protect. Deter. Convict.