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‘a2m passive’ Product Launch

a2m passive - Secure Innovation - ATM Explosive Protection form ATM Gas Attacks and ATM SOlid Explosive Attacks

Secure Innovation Launches New Product ‘a2m passive‘ We announced today the launch of our new patented product ‘a2m passive’ a new, innovative solution for ATM security. The product will complement our existing sophisticated suite of ATM protection products, including ‘core’, ‘Crimetag’, ‘ibox cassette’, ‘Remote Planet’ and ‘a2m active’. Customers can now choose between ‘a2m active’ … Read more

Security Marking

CRIMETAG from Secure Innvovation Forensic Marker Security Marking

What is Crimetag® Forensic Marker? Crimetag® is a unique security marking solution that is almost invisible to the naked eye. The liquid forensic marker can also be sprayed as a fine mist. Crimetag® is used to protect people, deter theives and aid convictions. Liquid Security Marking As a liquid, Crimetag® can be added to existing … Read more

International Brochures

We are pleased to share with you that our Secure Innovation catalogues are available in multiple languages. These international brochures can be requested on the individual product pages on our website, or by clicking the button below. We understand the importance of speaking the same language. We anticipate and meet the needs of our diverse … Read more

Gas Attack Prevention

ATM Gas Attack Prevention

Criminals are Testing the System At Secure Innovation we believe ATM and gas attack prevention is the most efficient way to keep cash moving. Criminals will always seek new opportunities and will only move on when they realise their attempts are unsuccessful. We work closely with authorities and customers to understand criminal trends and develop … Read more