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Gas Attack Prevention

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Criminals are Testing the System

At Secure Innovation we believe ATM and gas attack prevention is the most efficient way to keep cash moving. Criminals will always seek new opportunities and will only move on when they realise their attempts are unsuccessful.

We work closely with authorities and customers to understand criminal trends and develop safe, efficient solutions to minimise reward.

History has shown criminals adapt and evolve to find new ways to infiltrate ATMs and CIT routes. We explore how using cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions can keep you one step ahead.

Types of ATM Attacks

When criminals target ATMs, attacks are usually carried out using three different methods.

Criminals will look to cut, drill or grind their way into ATM units to access cash. Another traditional method criminals may look to deploy are ‘ram raid’ or ‘rip out’ tactics to force their way in.

However, an emerging trend shows criminal gangs are beginning to use more sophisticated explosive attacks to blow units open.

physical atm attack types secure innovation

Protection from Traditional Physical ATM Attacks

Our IBNS (intelligent banknote neutralisation system), known as a2m, stops any reward for criminals in any type of physical attack by ink-staining the notes. However, they do not prevent the dangers associated with explosive attacks which are growing in prevalence.

Between 2020 and 2021, the incidence of all types of physical ATM attacks increased by six per cent. But losses from ATM attacks overall declined 55% during the same timeframe thanks to preventative security measures.

This proves that prevention is the most cost-effective way to reduce losses in ATM attack scenarios. The threat of an attack by criminals is ever-present. Businesses and ATM operators cannot be complacent.

ATM protection systems like Secure Innovation’s a2m, an intelligent cash protection cassette equipped with ink staining technology, have been fundamental in reducing the reward for criminals using more traditional techniques.

The solution protects billions of pounds worth of cash across the globe per day. It does this by permanently staining banknotes with a specialist degradation ink in the event of a burglary, ram raid or rip out attack. The ink degrades the notes and marks them irrevocably with an individual synthetic substance.

This substance if used in conjunction with CrimeTag can subsequently be used to track down the criminals responsible. Furthermore, we make life even more difficult for criminal thieves by integrating a sophisticated tracking and monitoring device inside our products. This can send and receive real-time information on the status and activity of that product. The system, which cannot be ‘jammed’, allows our customers to keep very tight control of their assets at all times.

Gas Attack Prevention – Innovating the Future

2021 data shows that the majority of successful attacks carried out on ATM units were explosives oriented. With 64 per cent of victims suffering losses from such attempts.

The costs of successful explosive ATM attacks are significant. Not just for businesses who are direct victims but also their customers and local residents.

Explosive ATM assaults can leave many in the vicinity at risk of injury or death and cost millions in building damages. The resulting closure of branches for post-attack repair works will cost money not just in repair costs. But also in lost income and customer inconvenience.

Aside from financial losses, a major price to pay for victim businesses is the loss of trust and reputation through the fear of repeat attacks and the negative connotations around being violently robbed.

All these factors combined make the potential scale of losses from successful explosive attacks on ATMs immeasurable.

At Secure Innovation, therefore, we have been working closely with our customers and the authorities to develop the most efficient system for gas attack prevention.

physical ATM attack trends secure innovation

Our Gas Attack Prevention Solution: Core

While existing Secure Innovation systems such as a2m eliminate the reward for criminals by staining the bank notes, it does not shield businesses, their customers and local residents from the risks of explosive attacks. A more robust deterrent is needed.

To this end, Secure Innovation has developed a whole new solution: Core

Nestled inside the core of the ATM, Core is the most cost-effective portable solution on the market for the prevention of gas attacks.

Core comes with no fixed installation or training costs. It can be moved to different ATM locations in your network during cash replenishment, in response to potential attack intelligence.

gas attack prevention core from secure innovation
Installed in seconds with no training and no installation costs

Reports show that criminals are testing for gas systems using lighter fluid, and then moving on to the next ATM target. The instant deployability of Core makes this the most versatile system to react to intelligence about potential attacks without increasing costs with minimal upfront costs.

Other company’s have attempted to respond to the gas attack threat by flooding the ATM with nitrogen to push oxygen out. However, this requires a large tank and renders the solution bulky and costly to install. The cost-efficiency of Core and its portability means it takes pride of place as the most advanced solution currently on the market.

gas attack preention core cash replenishment

Instant Gas Attack Prevention

Installation can be performed in seconds by bank employees or cash management providers at the same time as ATM replenishment. Core sensors can detect when a gas attack occurs, and the system responds by releasing our unique, non-combustible, and non-toxic suppressant.

The system also has a feature where it can send silent radio alerts to your security system in the event of an attack. Meaning that security staff can respond quickly and apprehend the criminal.

Furthermore, it can either function independently or integrate into existing alarm or security systems. It comes with a number of other optional functions as well as sending radio alerts to the security system in an attack scenario. As well as auto-reporting, status updates and remote activations when integrated with the latest a2m systems.

Universally Compatible & Cost Effective

The Core system is universally compatible and can simply be slid into any ATM cassette position in any ATM unit. Its internal black box records date, time and any other data around attempted attacks.

As well as being cost-effective, the Core system is low maintenance and efficient. It only requires an annual calibration check and needs servicing once every five years. It is powered by internal rechargeable batteries to offer complete flexibility. Alternatively Core can be linked into the mains supply to be permanently powered within the ATM.

Gas attack prevention is the safest way of removing the risk to people and cash, and Core does just this.