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Industrial Placement

industrial placement secure innovation

Graduate Industrial Placement Secure Innovation have two industrial placement positions available for graduate career opportunities starting in summer 2023 for a year.The closing date for both graduate industrial placements is 28th April 2023. Are you studying a degree with electronics, robotics or CAD? If you’re in the middle of your undergraduate education looking for a … Read more

International Brochures

We are pleased to share with you that our Secure Innovation catalogues are available in multiple languages. These international brochures can be requested on the individual product pages on our website, or by clicking the button below. We understand the importance of speaking the same language. We anticipate and meet the needs of our diverse … Read more

EURICPA Support Ink

ink stain bank notes securein

Ink Stain Bank Notes declared most effective cash protection system. EURICPA members have continued to review the range of intelligent banknote neutralisation cash protection solutions that are available on the market. So that we can all remain ahead of the criminals. In a statement, EURICPA supports the continued use of liquid dye / ink stain … Read more