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We are pleased to announce we have recently opened a new service centre in France.

The move comes as part of our expansion plans, and in response to a flurry of new contracts. At present, we have 40 remote and international team members and offices across Europe, including; Ireland, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The new French service centre will house a dynamic and growing seven-strong technical support team to cater for the growing demand in the region. The team will cover the whole of France and Switzerland, includes Operations Management, Customer Service Management, and Field/Service Support.

The highly skilled team in France and Switzerland will use the new service centre as a base of all customer support activities in the region but will also continue to provide on-site service and repair as per customer needs.  The capability to hold an inventory of spares locally will further enhance response time and efficiency.  The new facility will also act as a regional training and development hub to support the introduction of new products like, Core and Remote Planet.

“It’s great to be opening our new service centre in France. It will allow us to better serve our customers in the region. This expansion underlines our commitment to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions to our customers no matter where in the world they are.”

Tony Westington | Managing Director | Secure Innovation

In September 2022, Secure Innovation announced its’ rebrand from Spinnaker International Ltd. Known as the global leader of intelligent protection products and custom control solutions to safeguard cash and critical assets, we have decades of experience and provide the most comprehensive range of products available to protect cash and high-value assets around the world.

Our expansion plans are not limited to France, and we plan to further expand our global reach in the coming years. Secure Innovation’s R&D office in Bangalore, India, which opened in February 2023, serves as a hub for our ever-growing software development team.