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‘a2m passive’ Product Launch

a2m passive - Secure Innovation - ATM Explosive Protection form ATM Gas Attacks and ATM SOlid Explosive Attacks

Secure Innovation Launches New Product ‘a2m passive‘ We announced today the launch of our new patented product ‘a2m passive’ a new, innovative solution for ATM security. The product will complement our existing sophisticated suite of ATM protection products, including ‘core’, ‘Crimetag’, ‘ibox cassette’, ‘Remote Planet’ and ‘a2m active’. Customers can now choose between ‘a2m active’ … Read more

Cash & Security Events 2023

security events 2023

What’s Still to Come in 2023? The team from Secure Innovation have already attended many cash and security events this year, but don’t worry if you’ve missed them, our calendar is full of interesting conferences and expos for the rest of 2023. Cash & Security Events September ATMIA Global Security Summit 13-14th September 2023 As … Read more

Why is cash a critical part of society?

importance of cash protection

Cash has been an integral part of how goods and services are traded for thousands of years and it’s a common form of payment recognised globally by individuals and businesses. But, digital payments through debit cards, credit cards and smart devices have been growing in popularity since their introduction and cash has suffered as a … Read more

Listen. Innovate. Support.

Listen Innovate Support - Charity & Employee Wellbeing

Secure Innovation and the Local Community Our mission is to listen, innovate and support. This is relevant to customers, employees and communities. As an employer of over 100 people in Saltash, Plymouth and the surrounding area, we believe it is important to support the community around us. Local Community and Support Every year we ask … Read more

ATM Security Guide

What is ATM Security?

Protecting your ATM from attacks – A guide to ATM security ATMs are embedded into our daily lives for financial transactions. They provide convenience, but due to the sensitive nature of the information passed at an ATM and volumes of physical cash, it is a high-risk area for crime. Therefore, the security surrounding the machine … Read more

The Gold Robbery


The $20 Million Canadian Heist A theft, possibly the biggest heist in Canadian history made the headlines around the world in April 2023. A shipping container packed with high-value goods, including gold, worth an estimated $20 million was stolen from Toronto’s Pearson Airport, according to Peel Regional Police. We examine how our secure transport solution … Read more

French Service Centre

Secure Innovation French Service Centre

We are pleased to announce we have recently opened a new service centre in France. The move comes as part of our expansion plans, and in response to a flurry of new contracts. At present, we have 40 remote and international team members and offices across Europe, including; Ireland, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, … Read more

Cash Security Events

cash security events secure innoavtion

2023 Around the World The Secure Innovation team have already been at a number of cash security events this year, and the calendar is full of interesting conferences and expos for the rest of 2023. As a progressive technology company we understand the importance it plays in our lives, however we believe there is no … Read more

Security Marking

CRIMETAG from Secure Innvovation Forensic Marker Security Marking

What is Crimetag® Forensic Marker? Crimetag® is a unique security marking solution that is almost invisible to the naked eye. The liquid forensic marker can also be sprayed as a fine mist. Crimetag® is used to protect people, deter theives and aid convictions. Liquid Security Marking As a liquid, Crimetag® can be added to existing … Read more

Industrial Placement

industrial placement secure innovation

Graduate Industrial Placement UPDATE: These placements have been filled, but keep our News in your feed or follow us on LinkedIn to find future opportunites. Are you studying a degree with electronics, robotics or CAD? If you’re in the middle of your undergraduate education looking for a mid-study industrial placement year, or have recently graduated, … Read more