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Join us at our upcoming conferences, events and exhibitions featuring a2m active with hub+ as we share the latest innovations in ATM and cash in transit protection. Find out about our latest developments with Remote Planet, offering real access without physical presence, allowing you to have control over your critical assets from anywhere in the world. Get ready to explore new possibilities, network with industry leaders, and stay ahead of the curve. Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to find out how Secure Innovation intelligent products can protect your cash, including Security Essen this September in Germany.

Hub+ with a2m Active ATM cash cassette

a2m active with hub+ installed

What is a2m active with hub+ ?

a2m active with hub+ is the next generation in cash machine protection with intelligent remote management and attack detection sensors. A complete ATM protection system.

Successfully rolling out across Europe over the last 18 months, hub+ continuously monitors and reports the status of the ATM. The fully integrated system offers protection from all types of physical ATM attacks, including ram-raid, hook and chain and explosive attacks. Intelligent sensors detect an attack and automatically release our specialist security banknote ink stain (IBNS), permanently neutralising the cash value. In many cases, the ink can be released before the ATM safe is breached. Making it the ultimate ATM physical security solution.

Managed by hub+ with two-way encrypted radio communication it continuously monitors and reports the status of the ATM. The LCD interface is mounted outside the safe, allowing your team visibility of actions and status without opening the door, thus maintaining the cash machine’s security.

How can Remote Planet help protect your cash?

Expand the functionality of your ATM or cash protection system by implementing one or more of our Remote Planet product extensions.

Reduce cash theft and increase cash machine protection.

Detect all kinds of ATM attacks and thefts remotely. Take control immediately through a single, easy to use portal which enables you to respond quickly to changes in risk, safeguarding cash and customers. Secure Innovation intelligent protection products use Remote Planet to improve security and visibility of your assets 24/7.

Upcoming Events and Conferences – USA

Mark your calendars for CELAES on 8th & 9th July in Miami, Florida, focussing on the financial security landscape with opportunities to discuss physical security for banks and ATM deployers.

Next up is the SCTA Conference; ‘Adopting and Adapting to Technology: What’s Next?’ in Chicago on the  9th & 10th September.  An opportunity to protect, strengthen, and unite the cash-in-transit and cash servicing industries.

Upcoming Events and Conference – Europe

The French team will be at ADITEL Forum in Marseille, 12th & 13th September, exploring the closest concerns of security managers

Don’t Miss Security Essen in Germany – 17th to 20th September

This prestigious event is the showcase for our intelligent protection solutions. If you attend this show you will have the opportunity to have an interactive demo of our Remote Planet portal. Remote Planet harnesses the power of satellite technology to provide 24/7 monitoring, management, protection and control to safeguard your assets and operations.

On the Thursday, Security Essen is hosting the Day of Banks and Savings Banks, where Secure Innovation will be participating in a short presentation on how Remote Planet can protect ATMs with 24/7 visibility.

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Europe Events cont.

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Then the team will be back in London for ATMIA Europe and Emerging Markets on 8th to 10th October, followed by RBT24 Europe on 19th & 20th November

Attendees can expect demonstrations of a2m active and hub+ in action, highlighting advanced capabilities in threat detection and response, real-time monitoring and analysis of potential security breaches, while hub+ offers advanced threat intelligence and automated response capabilities. Additionally, experts will be available to provide insights into Remote Planet technology, offering a glimpse into the future of intelligent protection.

Don’t miss these opportunities to see first-hand how intelligent protection is shaping the future of banking security.

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