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Remote Planet Launch

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Secure Innovation launches Remote Planet, the 24/7 critical asset monitoring and management solution.

As a leading global technology company specialising in cash protection and security solutions, we are proud to announce the Remote Planet launch, our latest brand. The new brand offers a unique and customisable solution to monitor, manage, protect and control critical assets and infrastructure remotely. This innovative solution allows customers to have real access to their assets around the world, without physical presence, via a secure online portal.

With decades of experience and a global network of service centres and customer support, we have built a reputation for providing fast and effective services to our customers. With the introduction of Remote Planet, we aim to take our expertise to the next level by offering tailor-made solutions for specific customer or asset requirements. Remote Planet is a game-changing addition to our company’s portfolio of industry-leading solutions, giving businesses complete control over their assets regardless of their location.

From tracking valuable assets in transit to monitoring remote locations for safety purposes, Remote Planet provides real-time data and insights for effective decision-making. Enhancing security, as well as improving operational efficiency which can reduce carbon emissions.

Remote Planet Launch into New Sectors

The applications for this new technology are vast, offering solutions for secure transport, logistics, utilities, vulnerable infrastructures, as well as safeguarding people in high-risk locations. With advanced technology at its core, Remote Planet provides real-time monitoring and management, satellite tracking and two-way communication between the critical assets and the portal. Remote Planet helps companies save time and resources while ensuring the safety of their valuable assets.

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“The need for secure and efficient asset management has never been greater. With its innovative technology, Remote Planet is set to revolutionise the way we control and manage assets, enabling customers to do so remotely, effortlessly, and securely.”

Tony Westington | Secure Innovation | Managing Director

European Space Agency – LEO Technology

Developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), this transformative technology harnesses multiple satellite networks using Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and proprietary hardware to offer reliable and secure remote access for customers. Remote Planet’s interactive portal provides users with a single point of control over all their assets, supported by an easy-to-use companion app. With just a few clicks, customers can manage their devices from anywhere in the world, giving them remote access like never before and complete peace of mind.

The launch of the brand redoubles our commitment to diversifying our business, seizing new opportunities to offer our intelligent solutions and innovative approach to new customers outside the cash protection industry.

Reach Your World, visit the brand-new website to find out more about the Remote Planet launch: