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‘a2m passive’ Product Launch

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Secure Innovation Launches New Product ‘a2m passive

We announced today the launch of our new patented product ‘a2m passive’ a new, innovative solution for ATM security.

The product will complement our existing sophisticated suite of ATM protection products, including ‘core’, ‘Crimetag’, ‘ibox cassette’, ‘Remote Planet’ and ‘a2m active’. Customers can now choose between ‘a2m active’ which is fully certified around the world, and which can provide complete protection of ATM cash in the machine and end-to-end; and ‘a2m passive’ which is an affordable and rapidly deployable solution to prevent against ATM explosive attacks.

a2m passive’ is a slimline solution provided with ink or glue which is simply inserted into the lid of any ATM cassette, and banknote capacity remains at 100%.  Any attempt to explode the ATM with gas or solid explosives will immediately deploy the system, covering the banknotes in permanent smart ink stain or glue, rendering the cash valueless. What’s more, ‘Crimetag’ can be added to ‘a2m passive’ to enable the authorities to track, trace and convict criminals.

a2m passive product launch instant bankonote ink stain

Simple to install, the product is low-cost and requires no maintenance, instantly providing protection against attacks, and deterring criminals.  Available for all ATM variants, each having been designed and thoroughly tested by experts with live explosives in real-life situations.

The ‘a2m passive’ product launch announcement follows a significant uplift in demand after a dramatic increase in explosive attacks being reported widely in 2022, with ATM explosive gas and solid explosive attacks up 16%, and attacks due to ram raids and ATM burglary were up 8%. Losses due to ATM related physical attacks were recorded at €11 million. * Reference: E.A.S.T.

Offering Customers Even More Choice for ATM Protection Solutions

The first passive product to be supplied by the company, ‘a2m passive’ has been proven and tested thoroughly using live explosives. The slimline solution means 100% of the bank note capacity is retained. You can view the full range of ATM Protection Solutions here.

“We understand our customers have different requirements when it comes to protecting their ATM network, and we are keen to offer as much choice as we possibly can.

“Our customers know the threats facing their ATM locations more than we do, and some will choose a passive system because it is cost effective and can be rapidly deployed to stop an overwhelming wave of explosive attacks.  Longer-term, customers may require more integrated end-to-end protection, which is where the intelligent ‘a2m active’ solution comes in.  The launch of ‘a2m passive’ however, marks another milestone in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology for the protection of people and cash.”

Tony Westington | MD | Secure Innovation

For over 40 years Secure Innovation has researched, designed, and developed innovative solutions with cutting edge technology to protect people, and safely secure cash and high value assets.

The announcement follows the recent news regarding the company’s innovative collaboration with the European Space Agency to design and further develop its product ‘Remote Planet’ – an unlimited worldwide tracking solution with the ability to reach areas outside of mobile network coverage, using low orbit satellite technology.